An Experienced Investment Professional Weighs In On Buffet’s Investment Strategy

Recently, Tim Armour, the chief executive officer and chairman of Capital Group, wrote a commentary on CNBC. This article highlights his perspective on Warren Buffet’s view on an investment strategy. Warren favors waging for charity by investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund. The billionaire believes that through this strategy, he can accomplish better investment return as compared to a group of hedge fund managers.

Tim concurs with Buffet’s strategy. He posits that some expensive and second-rate funds are shortchanging investors. Tim supports Buffet’s views of zeroing in on simple and low-cost investments that can be bought and held for many years. Warren Buffet uses a bottom-up investing approach. This style has been in existence for many decades. He has been urging Americans to invest and start saving for their retirement. In his latest yearly shareholder message, Buffet shared his wisdom, which is based on his decades of investing. Tim used this information to develop his perspectives on the matter.

Tim agrees that consumers should be careful with product labels, noting that the active vs. passive discussions does not benefit investors. Additionally, because of unwarranted trading and high management fees, many mutual funds have poor long-term returns. Notably, passive index investments’ risks and opportunity cost are unknown. Tim suggests that the concern of most investors is not about active or passive investment, but the ability of a given portfolio to deliver long-term investment returns.

About Tim Armour
Tim Armour is the CEO of Capital Group. In 2015, he was elected to serve as the chairman of the board. Armour is the chairman and principal executive officer of the company’s division, Capital Research and Management Company. In addition, he serves as the chairman of the management committees of the Capital Group companies.

Armour is a graduate of Middlebury College where he earned his bachelor’s degree in economics. He started his career by engaging in Capital Group’s Associates Program. For over 35 years, Tim has been working for the company. He has an exceptional experience in investment. Earlier in his profession, he served as an equity investment analyst of the company. In this position, Armour was responsible for international telecommunications and service firms in the United States.

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