Finance Executive Kevin Seawright’s Journey

Kevin Seawright is a finance professional who is currently the Vice President and Chief Financial Advisor for the Newark Economic Development Corporation. He specializes in providing strategy for the organization’s executive and financial operations. Before Kevin held this position, he worked as the Vice President of Operations and Human Capital at the construction company known as Tito. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

Within one year of employment at this company, Kevin would become the Executive Director of Operations for Maryland by the year 2012. In terms of educational background, Kevin has a Master’s degree in Accounting from Almeda University. Along with this degree, he has earned a Leadership Certification from Mendoza University.

Over the years Kevin Seawright has had a number of accomplishments. The main accomplishments of Kevin are his ability to effectively manage finances.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has been able to reform business strategies that help enhance the finance department of various companies. He has developed responsive Accounting and finance divisions such as payables, receivables, collections and payroll.

These divisions were developed to help deliver positive results for the organizations he has been a part of. Using these divisions helped various organizations align technological initiatives with its economic goals. Along with organizing the financial divisions of an organization, Kevin has also changed the revenue planning for various contracting companies in the Mid Atlantic states.

During his career, Kevin has developed revenue enhancements that have been able to help forecast annual returns as high as 25%, He has also helped improved the retention of staff of the Human Capital Divisions. In order to accomplish hits objective, Kevin would help enhance the recruitment efforts of these organizations, improve the process of collective bargaining, adjusting compensation for various workers and also negotiation with various parties.

By participating in these processes, Seawright was able to help improve the service delivery to customers and enhance the performance of various companies. Read more: Kevin Seawright Joins Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

During his career, Kevin has been responsible for $600 million in construction educational projects. He was also responsible for overseeing the allocation of $400 million worth of city, state, federal capital and bond funds during his career. With these accomplishments, Kevin has demonstrated quality leadership in improving communities through his financial management strategies.


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