Rick Libby Has Taken The Traveling Vineyard To New Heights Of Success

Rick Libby is the President of the Traveling Vineyard and sells wine through tasting parties and network marketing. He has been a business leader for more than thirty years and possesses an exceptional understanding of the world of business.

Rick Libby was employed by a catalogue wine seller sixteen years ago when the idea to sell wine through in-home tastings struck him. His idea boosted the sales of the company. He is always infusing the Traveling Vineyard with new and creative ideas and uses innovation and technology to ensure the company’s success.

One of Rick Libby’s best ideas is called Sommology. This gives the Traveling Vineyard’s wine guides the ability to pair delicious foods with wine and enhance the overall experience. He has made the company a pioneer by taking calculated risks to ensure they surpass other companies. Rick Libby sells fine wine all over the nation without spending money advertising on television. He uses the services of wine guides making a generous commission to not only sell the wine but bring new marketers into the fold. Since the wine is shipped directly to the buyers wine guides do not have to buy a lot of supplies and equipment. The wine guides and the customers see a lot of benefits and are able to try different varieties of wine to discover their favorites.

The Traveling Vineyard has welcomed an exciting new addition to the company with a mobile app. This is an official app and was specifically designed to help wine guides conduct their business right from the palm of their hands. They save a lot of time because everything they require is right there and always available.

The new app is extremely user friendly and takes the wine guides all the way through the process used for events. They can quickly set up the products they are featuring and finish their transactions with an efficient process for check out. One click brings up all their important documents and notes for ease and reliability. They can even complete the process to sign up a new wine guide using the app. Everything is even synched to their virtual tasting rooms.


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