Many Gather to Witness the Corpse Plant Bloom in Orange Coast College

The Orange Coast College is an established community college located in Orange County, California. The school has operated 70 years, with classes first beginning around 1948. With an estimated 24,000 undergraduate students currently enrolled each year, it is one of the largest colleges in Orange County.

The school offers a variety of certifications, Associate Degrees and transferable college credit courses for all students. The Costa Mesa located school is nestled in a suburban area just 40 miles outside of the state’s most populated city of Los Angeles.

Along with a very successful academic achievement rate, Orange Coast College is also known for a very popular plant with the locals. Nicknamed Dougie, the 30 pound plant has garnered attention for its oddly scented fragrance. Set to bloom in late June or early July, the Armorphophallus Titanium Plant (corpse flower) has helped boost the popularity of the school.

Admirers across the state often visit this uniquely fragrant flower. Students full of curiosity will gain a chance to smell this corpse like scented plant. Orange Coast College will display the plant in the Administration building for all tourists and enrolled students.

At 5ft tall, Dougie is expected to continuously flourish with the school. The plant has been with the school over 5 years now. Hand flourished by the school, Dougie often attracts an audience based on its appearance and scent as well. Native to the wild areas Indonesia, the plant takes an average of 10 years for its very first bloom.

Last year alone, over 1,000 guest visited the campus to get a glance and whiff of Dougie. Most individuals donate funds to help support the college which cares for such an unique plant.

The Armorphophallus Titanium Plant is an endangered species in the wild. It’s notorious smell is the direct result of bettles mating and assisting in the pollination process. Its evening bloom is expected to draw in crowds as individuals witness a rare experience in Orange County.

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