Boraie and the Lessons of Faith Paying Off

An April 30th, 2017 piece titled Entrepreneurs in the Real Estate industry on the Central Jersey Working Moms blog explored the success of Omar Boraie in the Real Estate business. Omar Boraie immigrated to the United States from Egypt with the aim of getting is a doctorate in Chemistry. He lived in New Brunswick, and it is there that he was inspired to get involved in real estate. Johnson & Johnson had decided to stay in New Brunswick although in 1975 the city was not doing well.

Mr. Boraie seeing the opportunity in the many abandoned and neglected building on Albany Street started buying the pieces of land. He then went on to build Albany Street Plaza Tower One in 1988. The building provided top of the range offices for the people living in New Brunswick.

Boraie Development is dedicated to taking plots of land and building not being properly utilized and building to provide housing and work spaces. Mr. Omar Boraie’s son took over from his father and passionately worked to turn neglected areas into spaces that were decent and habitable. Waseem Boraie, Omar Boraie’s son, believed that he only needed a short time to turn the area around Stockon College into a decent and livable space.

This he managed to successfully do, claims Waseem went on to refurbish the hostel so that it could hold 400 students. The ability to turn dilapidated buildings and properties is one of Omar Boraie’s gifts. It is fortunate that one of his sons has taken up his passion. Waseem has his father’s creativity, and he has created the same beauty in the broken that his father did.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development’s first building was the Albany Street Plaza Tower One in 1988. The company established by Omar Boraie has grown into a major player in the New Brunswick Property market. It has its headquarters in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

The company is involved in property development, management and sale and marketing of the property. It owns The Aspire which has 238 residential units, The Beach at South Inlet which holds 250 residential units and The Estates at Waverly Place. They also own Albany Street Plaza and 390 George Street which boasts 60,000 square feet of office space.


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