The Contributions of Louis Chenevert to United Technologies and the Aviation Industry

Former CEO of UTC, Louis Chenevert, and current CEO, Gregory Hayes, agree that investing in technology can give companies a competitive edge. These two leaders believe that leadership and proper stewardship can result in the success of the business. Among the key things that United Technologies Corporation has adopted include:

1. Good Stewardship

United Technologies practices this activity by investing in people and technology. According to Hayes, investing in employees has resulted in immense success. An example is the Employees Scholar Program that has led to the issuance of over 39,000 degrees to staff members.

2. Focusing on the Main Projects

United Technologies has been able to concentrate on producing some of the most efficient jet engines that took over the air conditioning and heating market. These products were manufactured through hard work and leadership.

3. Appreciating Products

The GTF engine has been a significant milestone in the aviation business. These kinds of achievements make United Technologies standout.

4. Working with a Focused Leader

Louis Chenevert is a visionary executive that led United Technologies to greatness. During his tenure in this company, he enabled it to acquire other ventures such as Goodrich.

5. Documenting the Company’s Achievements

In this line of work, acknowledging achievements is important. Among the accomplishments that have made it in the history books include the acquisition of Goodrich. Louis Chenevert facilitated this $18.4 billion deal, which made the company acquire far-reaching recognition.

About Louis Chenevert

Louis R. Chenevert is an entrepreneur and the former head of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). This Canadian-born businessman is a graduate of the University of Montreal where he studied production management. He has spent almost two decades of his life building his career. Louis Chenevert was the president of UTC up until 2014. Early in his career, Louis worked for Pratt & Whitney, an aircraft engine manufacturer for close to six years. While working for this company, he helped ensure that the company produced and assembled quality gas turbines and aircraft engines.

Louis Chenevert has also worked for General Motors for more than a decade. He joined United Technologies Corporation as an executive officer and he was later succeeded by Edward Kangas. Louis Chenevert currently serves on the board of United Technologies Corporation. In 2011, he was the deputy chairperson of Business Council’s executive committee and served on the board of various companies.

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