Marc Spars, an entrepreneur, and philanthropic business venture capitalist

Marc Sparks is the founder and owner of Timber Creek LP., an equity firm that specializes in the fulfillment of the dreams of passionate entrepreneurs into income generating goods and services. The company’s head office is situated in Dallas, Texas. Marc is also a writer, his best-selling book, They Can’t Eat You, details his path to success to motivate aspiring entrepreneurs. Learn more:

According to Marc, the process of starting a business must begin with a simple business plan. This is more important than sourcing for capital. Once you have come up with a full proof business model, the next important thing is to acquire the necessary resources that will foresee the implementation of your plan. At Timber Creek Capital, LP Marc is able to host business companies and offer them an incubation period that will foresee a realization of their set-out goals. He believes the path to success does not entail taking shortcuts. Hard work, commitment, and focus are must-have traits for every entrepreneur. A conducive working environment is another necessary ingredient towards success. Marc is able to share his vast knowledge in entrepreneurship that he gathered in 35 years by nurturing businesses at Timber Creek Capital, LP. Through is business past, Mar has seen all levels of business success and failure.

Mark USA, a leading advertising agency in Pittsburg, launched the Marketing Sparks campaign that is aimed at giving start-up entrepreneurs a chance to work with market specialists to develop their businesses. Entrepreneurs are given a chance to present their business development ideas. They are later advised on how best to go about them by market experts. This is set to increase their chances of succeeding in their businesses. Similar programs that were run in other parts of the country attracted investors, employees, and customers to the businesses. The winner of the business competition is set to receive $20,000 as the grand prize.

Marc Sparks is also a venture capitalist. He mentions that for you to be successful in selling an idea to a venture capitalist, you need to come up with a meaningful presentation. Every visual used must relay the relevant information that you wish to share. The data shared has to give a story of how your planning to become successful in the business. Showing proven research to back up data always gets investors interested in what you are trying to say. As much as you are trying to give a story, it is always best to keep the presentation simple and clear. It is also good to ensure that your workforce comes out clearly as a team. By showing a venture capitalist how your team sticks together, you are able to portray your drive to a successful business. That is something which any investor would like to see for a product.


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