Sussex Healthcare: UK Based Senior Living And Care Center

Sussex Healthcare is determined to give quality healthcare to the elderly. Sussex homes make sure that elderly have access to handicrafts, quizzes, and reminiscence sessions, music and movement, cooking and art therapy. We also have access to experts in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and reflexology.

Sussex Healthcare provides a well-trained chef at mealtimes as well. Support is available 24 hours a day from staff members. Sussex can provide care for dementia with trained staff- provided with training in dementia care. Care by Sussex standards must be provided from a professional knowledge base. 24 hour nursing care is also available. Sussex treats each individual as a unique person, a philosophy found in all our homes. Elderly have access to things that help them remember the past.

Neurological care is offered to support the following conditions-Huntington’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinson Disease, Acquired Brain Injury, including Spinal Cord Lesions. Sussex offers in-house physiotherapists, physiotherapy assistance, and speech and language therapists. There is room for alternative therapies such as reflexology, aroma therapy, hydrotherapy pools, and pleasant activity staff. The Sussex Healthcare Team works with the National Hospital for Neurology in Queen’s Square, the Royal Hospital for Neurological Disorders and Guys and St. Thomas Hospitals. Staff members provide a great understanding of neurological conditions and brain injury. Access to the local community is part of our health plan.

Sussex also has programs for learning disabled people and people with physical disabilities. We have specialist facilities, equipment and well-trained staff to care for a wide-range of disabilities. People with multiple disabilities or profound disabilities get private suites with track hoisting with the user able to personalize their room anyway they want. Sussex works with schools and colleges. Service users can attend educational programmes. Service users are exposed to opportunities to shop for their own food, mowing the grass, and gaining work experience.

Sussex uses alternative methods of communication, which are sought by assisted technology, switches, specialist computer systems, and touch screens. Users can choose which methods they prefer although we provide a speech and language therapist. Good health is not just about illness being gone, but we recognize that leisure, social, and recreational activities are part of a person’s good health. Activities are selected for individuals with their previous interests in mind. Sussex is managed by an experienced team with 25 years of experience with well-trained staff members.


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