News Watch TV Interview Recap

Nathalie Van Wijkvliet, who is the CMO of Avanca did an interview where she stated the deciding to work with NewsWatch was a great decision. Her company had previously worked with NewsWatch when they were launching a crowdfunding campaign for a window’s stamp. She felt that the media from NewsWatch was hugely responsible for why the project was so successful. With the success of the first project, she decided to launch their second project with NewsWatch. It is the Ockel series 8 that is essentially a Windows 10 PC with the added benefits of a mobile device and also a new brand of workout headphones.
News Watch is a great way to start your morning by keeping you up to date on cutting-edge technology. They also discuss different apps and how to gain access to these devices and apps. The show began in 1990 and its success has caused to run and recently the 1000th episode was aired. Its continued success has landed it on networks like ION and AMC Network. While their focus has been technological advances they have also covered entertainment, celebrities, travel, public policy issues, and finance. While they air on National Television in the US, you can catch their broadcast everyone virtually.
For over 25 years NewsWatch has reached over 700 million people nationwide. Their funny host is Andrew Tropeano and is accompanied by special reporters like Eric Forrest and Susan Bridges. While reporting their entertainment segment they have had A-List celebrities come on the show to discuss TV and movies. Will Smith, Dwayne Johnson, Bradley Cooper and Mila Kunis are just a few celebrities that have appears on News Watch. As it continues to grow and gain more viewers, it is shaping up to be one of the most successful independently produced news broadcast.

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