On World Asset eXchange and her President, Malcolm CasSelle

World Asset eXchange is a company that deals with the sales and promotion of game assets. The firm sets to lower transaction costs and create a favorable market for the sales of these games. The company also seeks to tokenize game items. .There are numerous benefits to enjoy from tokenization, some of them are; enabling ownership of de facto assets and the creation of an economy that is flexible to physical assets.

The tokenization process has, however, not been easy for the WAX to spearhead. Questions like how can these tokens be monitored and how can they stay closely knitted to their respective assets have frequently come up. WAX has, therefore, created a system of governance that allows token holders to oversee the process.
The institution has introduced the Transfer Agent and Guild slots.

Transfer agents oversee the process of exchanging virtual assets. They, Transfer Agent, are closely monitored by a supervision committee known as Guild. The Guild’s success highly depends on the effectiveness of the Transfer Agents. Token holders expect the Guild to take action on failing Transfer Agents failure to which they are re-elected to head their games.

We live in modern times, times that make it possible for a fan to have ownership rights over a car cast in the Fast and Furious. Chances for advancement would open up for collectors if physical assets were to be fractionalized. Ensuring quality asset conveyance is a role granted to the Transfer Agents while Guilds are expected to oversee this process.

About Malcolm CasSelle
Mr. CasSelle’s educational background can be traced back to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Stanford University where he graduated degrees in computer science.

Malcolm CasSelle is the current head of the WAX .Mr. CasSelle also has a Chief Investment Officer role over the OPSkins, an establishment that allows the trade of video games found online. Malcolm was also a president and Chief Technology Officer at the Tronc. He has invested heavily in companies such as Facebook and Zynga. Many remember him as one of the co-founders of PCCW a telecom that bases her operations in Hong Kong.


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