Securus Technologies Introduces New Systems To The Market

Securus Technologies is a leader in criminal technology and correctional facility software. They specialize in various fields that allow detainment facilities to conduct business in a safe manner. The company offers investigation technology that helps to solve inmate crimes and prevent dangerous situations. Securus is based in Dallas Texas and has offices in Atlanta Georgia as well. They have performed service for several different corrections agencies a law enforcement bureaus throughout the United States. Emergency response, biometric analysis, communication and inmate self-service capabilities make Securus stand out in the industry.


Securus has a strong hand in prison technologies within the country. The company was founded in 1986 and has continued to expand their reach throughout the nation. There are over 1,000 employees ever seeing at least 2600 contracts for corrections facilities nationwide. Securus is dedicated to growth and has invested up to 600 million dollars in patents and different acquisitions in order to stay ahead of the competition. They went on to acquire Offender Management Systems in 2007, which elevated their status within public safety communication.


Securus Technologies was able to partner with Harris Corporation on Cell Phone Defender Technology. This business merger allowed them to implement software that controlled cell phones on the inside and prevented them from connecting to wireless networks on the outside of the prison.


JPay was an important acquisition for Securus Technologies. Their services include electronic payment, email and inmate entertainment. JPay is working with 33 different prisons around America and has a business model that demonstrates a strong position within the market. Securus saw this as an opportunity to diversify its presence within the industry.


Securus Technologies plans the allow JPay to operate in an independant manner. Executives will observe their methods and learn how to expand its reach within a very competitive industry.



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