Betsy DeVos: The Philanthropist With A Focus On Improving Education

Betsy DeVos is an incredibly well-known philanthropist in America who has dedicated her life to making a difference to the lives of people across the country. Currently, the education minister of the state, DeVos is on a mission to bring about wide-scale reforms across different sectors and platforms. Being the education minister of the country, it is obvious that the main focus of her work would be on improving the schooling system in the country. She has always been working to bring about reform in this sector, and now has the power to be able to bring in the changes that the country has been waiting to see.



Through her career, DeVos has engaged in numerous philanthropic organizations that have been working to improve the conditions of people across the country. She has been the leader to and been on the board of directors for some of the biggest charitable organizations in the county. Also, DeVos also heads her charitable organization which goes by the name of the DeVos Family Foundation. DeVos decided to start up this foundation with Dick DeVos, who also shares her passion for extending a helping hand to people in need. With education being one of the main things that DeVos focuses on, she decided to make that one of the main focuses of her organization as well. She founded the Education Freedom Fund, which focused on projects to improve the schooling system in the country. Through the Education Freedom Fund, DeVos was able to extend a helping hand to charter schools across the country. In addition, she was able to provide children with scholarships so that they could go on out and seek a better degree of education for themselves, in private schools.



DeVos has consistently propagated the stance that education is primarily one of the things that can contribute to the growth of a county. To further help her with her efforts, she has lobbied and fought for several movements, including the famous school charter movement. The movement was one in which DeVos lobbied for the use of public funds to better the charter schools in their localities. She was of the opinion that these schools would be able to provide a better degree of education to the children attending them, thereby helping them grow and be better functioning members of society. Her efforts have paid off, leading to an increase in the number of charter schools in America. Learn more:




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