Racism In America and Sheriff Arpaio

Racism and white-supremacy run through the veins of American society. It especially runs through the veins of white people, who make up the vast majority of America’s population. Being “American” is usually synonymous with being white-European and Christian.

Anything that deviates from that standard is considered to be “foreign” and is looked at with suspicion. This explains why “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” Sheriff Arpaio, specifically targeted Latinos.

Latinos are seen as foreign because their appearances do not fit into the mold of being “white.” So, just by existing, they made themselves possible targets of Sheriff Arpaio. It really shouldn’t have been like this, because they should have not been targets in their own neighborhoods and communities.

President Trump’s mindset runs long the lines of America’s mindset. This may have been why he pardoned the insidious Sheriff for his continuous acts of bigotry. The courts who originally sentenced Arpaio had the right idea. It wasn’t a priority of theirs to pardon a criminal who discriminated against fellow Americans.

Lacey and Larkin

Jim Lacey and Michael Larkin are outspoken critics of this American social paradigm. For years, their publications have rightfully bashed the wrongful sheriff for his actions.

In 2004, one of their reporters overstepped some bounds by publishing information on where Sheriff Arpaio lived. This greatly upset Sheriff Arpaio, leading him to go after Lacey and Larkin. Sheriff Arpaio made it a point to arrest and jail the two men. However, when he did, it was done in an unlawful manner.

Lacey and Larkin used the unlawfulness of their arrest to their advantage. Through many months and years of court battles, $3.7 million was awarded to them for their horrific experience of being arrested. They turned the $3.7 million into the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The Fund doles out money to a plethora of organizations that support various intersectional interests in the demographic groups that Sheriff Arpaio persecuted. Some of these groups include newly arrived immigrants, DREAMERs, LGBTQ+ people, Native Americans and DACA recipients.

The underlying philosophy behind the existence of the Fund is that it is crucial to look at the plights of these people and take them seriously. These people are no less important than anyone else—they only came from different places of the world or from different cultures.

A lot of these people have took major risks to be where they are today, and they should be respected for what they have gone through.

One of the major reasons why anyone would disagree with this is bigotry. Some people are so xenophobic and bigoted that they do not care about how much other human beings have sacrificed or how much danger other human beings are in—all they care about is not having to look at minorities.

This is why Sheriff Arpaio detained people who looked like minorities. He wanted to get as many minorities out of his area as possible.

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