Month: March 2018

Dick Devos

In 1991, the Grand Rapids authorities announced that they intended to build a sports complex in the city. This plan was not widely accepted especially by the enlightened residents of the city. One of these people who felt dissatisfied with the arrangements was Mr. Dick Devos, the son of the owner of Amway Corporation. While…

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Robert Ivy Builds Solutions For Obesity

Architects have now taken to fighting the obesity epidemic, according to Robert Ivy. With over 35% of Americans being obese and 34% overweight, the United States can take all the help they can get to fight the problem. Obesity stems from lack of physical exercise and poor diet, so making healthier food as accessible as…

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The Independent Labor Party is the party that James Larkin first identified with. This was just soon after he developed and sought after his socialism feelings. His marriage to Elizabeth had just passed, and his family was growing smoothly. James Larkin was working as a foreman at this time. However, the money that he was…

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