The Independent Labor Party is the party that James Larkin first identified with. This was just soon after he developed and sought after his socialism feelings. His marriage to Elizabeth had just passed, and his family was growing smoothly.

James Larkin was working as a foreman at this time. However, the money that he was paid was not enough to maintain a growing family. How he and his fellow mates at the docks were treated was also not impressive and deserved a voice.

James Larkin decided that he was going to be the man to bring not only unity in campaigning against the wages and treatment at the docks but also unity for all workers even the ones who were not skilled. A worker is a laborer regardless of their experience level.

This strike and also demonstration was so well organized that NUDL which was closely monitoring it decided to look for James Larkin who was fearlessly on the forefront. The National Union of Dock Laborers could use some of that courage and determination. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://www.irishexaminer.com/lifestyle/artsfilmtv/books/the-definitive-biography-of-big-jim-larkin-372254.html and http://www.rte.ie/centuryireland/index.php/articles/jim-larkin-released-from-prison

James Larkin as a member of NUDL went and dressed as a Chinese, together with other workers who did not agree with the rising number of the formers. An influx of foreign citizen in a country where employment was a problem would automatically mean a lot of trouble for the current employees.

James Larkin was the father of ITGWU. This party did one of the greatest things that England has ever witnessed; it united. The target for this unification was employed workers who were either skilled or not. These workers were also to be Irish.

The Irish Labor Party followed, with James Larkin finding that partnership was important especially for him. James Connolly was with him in the launching of this party, because the two are the people who started it.

James Larkin then saw the start of the World War. It was depressing how people took arms so fast and participated in the war. James Larkin was against it and even protested. However, when nothing much could be done to stop it, he decided to support the fight against the British.

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