Robert Ivy Builds Solutions For Obesity

Architects have now taken to fighting the obesity epidemic, according to Robert Ivy. With over 35% of Americans being obese and 34% overweight, the United States can take all the help they can get to fight the problem. Obesity stems from lack of physical exercise and poor diet, so making healthier food as accessible as fast food and giving people reasons to move may provide a solution to much of the problem.
These architects are working closely with health officials to see exactly what they can build and change to encourage people to engage in more physical activity on a daily basis. Robert Ivy, CEO of the American Institute of Architects, states that some of the main ideas the groups have come up with are to design hospitals that are designed for patients to participate in physical activity instead of being forced to dodge equipment in crowded hospital corridors and allow more natural light into schools to encourage students to stay awake and focus.

In Cleveland, Ohio, there is an initiative led by MetroHealth Medical Center to revamp the community to be more health conscious. Along with changing physical aspects of the city such as overhauling the fitness centers, bike trails, and parks, they also have 11 health clinics based on school and have been looking to purchase food from urban farms for their healthy food programs. MetroHealth is also working with the community to make healthy food more readily available.

In New York, they transformed giant metal columns that once supported elevated train tracks into an elevated park that goes through the entire neighborhood of Chelsea in Manhattan. The park offers an extensive view of the Hudson River that encourages visitors to walk and exercise. The park is so well known that it is a tourist destination for visitors to the city around the world.
Robert Ivy received a bachelors of arts in English in 1969, he graduated Cum Laude. In 1976, Robert Ivy completed his education at Tulane University with a masters in Architecture. Upon graduation, he was an honorary member of Tau Sigma Delta. Robert Ivy has been the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architect since February of 2011. Prior to this, he worked for Mcgraw-Hill as the Vice President and Editorial Director for construction publications. These included Engineering News Record, Green Source, and more. From 1996 to 2001, he held the position of editor in chief in Architectural Record for the company working as the head of the leading architectural journal.

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