Dr. Sameer Jejurikar and Why He’s One of The Leaders in Cosmetic Surgery

The world of cosmetic surgery is a tough business to excel in, and yet we have people like Dr. Sameer Jejurikar who have shown that there’s nothing out there that can’t be beaten by performance, sheer grit and risk-taking. Before Dr. Sam has become one of the renowned board-certified plastic surgeons in the industry and before he became the distinguished surgeon in charge at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas Texas, he still had to go through a lot of academic training and trial-and-error apprentice type kind of practice. Great practitioners supersede those who only practice in books, and Dr. Sam is a significant example of that.



The Drive to Help The Marginalized



Although there’s a lot of controversy in helping charity groups bloom stemming from corruption charges, Dr. Sam stands out because when he helps, he tries hard to not announce it. Philosopher Nassim Taleb suggests that when somebody helps, it should be anonymous and it should not be a form of advertising. Clearly, Dr. Sam is one of those people who don’t ask people to announce his good deeds because he’d rather keep them anonymous. Many people have in the course of history seen that the great virtue of helping comes in sacrificing one’s efforts and money without the promise of reward. Dr. Sam shows in his actions that he wants to be one of them.



The Services



Equally important to be mentioned here is the fact that Dr. Jejurikar offers almost all of the spectrum of plastic surgery, with special focus on breast augmentation, mommy makeover, liposuction, and rhinoplasty. Facelifts are also a focus of him, and his expertise and work experience in the field makes his services some of the most outstanding and sought-after procedures among first-rate consumers today. No discriminating plastic surgeon customer would miss knowing what Dr. Jejurikar offers.


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