Clay Hutson Discusses His Career in Music and Sound Engineering

Clay Hutson is the owner of a business that provides excellent services for musicians as well as event organizers. But prior to starting to this business, he was a studious student who majored in theatre design and management. All too often, Clay Hutson focused on finding employment in companies that provided live music entertainment to its clients. From the jobs he worked on, he was able to garner extensive experiences while equipping himself with the service delivery skills. Later in his employment years, Mr. Hutson was employed as a general project manager.


Background Look


Being that he had honed his skills, Clay Hutson was now on the right path to success. He managed several concerts and was well known for handling technical tasks in different companies. What is more, he was now set to start his own business. Consequently, Clay Hutson established a company that provides the following services:

  • Production
  • Management
  • Design
  • Sound engineering


To add to his skills in the industry of music, Clay Hutson has completed several technical, managerial tasks especially for prominent celebrity singers and performers like Guns N’ Roses, Pink as well as Kid Rock.


Tour Management


When the legendary Aaron Lewis took to the road on a solo tour, he chose Clay Hutson to manage the tour. Aaron solely relied on Mr. Hutson’s expertise to deliver an excellent stage for performing. Clay Hutson used his extensive experiences to provide excellent results as throughout the tour; there was no hitch. Additionally, Hutson’s expertise contributed to better sound management and engineering. Of course, the performance was on a different, high-end notch.


Additional Roles


Aside from tour management, Clay Hutson has specialized in live sound engineering. Having worked with some of the world’s top artists, it is evident that he understands various genres of music. For that reason, Clay Hutson has assisted many artists to create memorable performances. In the past decades especially, he has focused on monitor engineering, rigging, logistics management and stage management.


Succeeding in Music


On how to succeed in music, Clay Hutson is confident that the right tour manager can break or mend any music tour. Consequently, he challenges every individual to strive and hire a qualified tour manager who can provide the right services.




Clay Hutson is giving every music producer a run for their money. Given his experiences and expertise, it is evident that he is overqualified for the job. Learn more:


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