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Daniel Taub was born in the year 1962 in Great Britain. He studied at Oxford University, Harvard Kennedy’s Government school and in London in a university college.

In 1958, Daniel moved to Israel and served as a combat medic in the Israel Defense Forces. In 1991. he began to work for the foreign ministry in Israel. He acted as the Israel ambassador from 2011 to 2015 in the United Kingdom. Learn more about Daniel Taub: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jul/13/israel-peace-pressure-israeli and http://rabbisacks.org/rabbi-sacks-conversation-daniel-taub/

A recap of the article.

Daniel Taub Israel’s ambassador to the UK, contends that in order to counter the threat that had been perceived and put forth by Iran’s nuclear ambitions, new alliances had to be formed between the long-standing antagonists and the Jewish State.

Daniel Taub reaffirmed the Israel’s that the accord of Geneva that had been signed that Sunday morning was to do diminutive to accommodate Iran’s posed threat and that it would lower the speed of their progress in the acquisition of the nuclear weapon.

Daniel Taub said that if one looked closely, there existed a radical axis in the region that ran from Tehran to Damascus and then to Beirut and he consoled them by telling them that they worried many people.

Taub was asked whether he was optimistic about the possibility of the relationships despite the disputes which were longstanding. He said that the changes in their region made people make choices that they have never made before and this created an opportunity for them.

He explains that within countries there were features that saw the need for partnering with Israel such as the Middle East who wanted to have development prosperity.

Daniel Taub insisted on the relationship with their Western friends which he said it’s very healthy. On that Monday in a meeting in House of Commons, William Hague the foreign secretary was praised in the deal from all sides of UK.

Daniel explained that their main goal was before six months ended to have Iran not going beyond being a state of nuclear weapons. He also explained that they were greatly disturbed by their differences and by what was in the agreement.

Most people in Israel retorted with rage towards the agreement. Cabinet minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett cautioned that the deal signed that morning was the one that was going to lead to five years from then having a nuclear suitcase blow.

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