Ronald Fowlkes: An All-Rounded Entrepreneur and Ardent Hockey Fan

Ronald Fowlkes graduated from the renowned Army Jump School and commenced serving as a Marine. Ronald was also served at the reputable St. Louis Police Department and was privileged to lead the SWAT group. Ronald Fowlkes joined the First Spear during his career as a Marine and continued being a part of it even in his later career as police. He always had a soft spot for the calling! Ronald Fowlkes brings to the table more than 20 years of experience in the design, creation, and delivery of high-quality police gears which he attributes to having served in the army. Prior to working at FirstSpear, Ronald served in the ITW Military and managed the Products Sales & Business Development department. He also served at Eagle Industries as the Business Development Manager. Armed with his experience, Ronald Fowlkes leads and oversees FirstSpear as its Business Development Director. With his experience and expertise in the industry, he steers the company towards success which aids to ensure that they stay ahead of their competitors.


During an interview with Inspirery, Mr. Fowlkes reveals that working in the United States Marine Corps played a huge role in the birthing of his business. He says that FirstSpear equipment was a common attire for him as he often came across it. He admits that it was well-designed and durable at the same time. After joining SWAT, he says that he came across it and at that moment, he became interested in knowing more about it. The best part about the gear was that it was built in his hometown. Ronald Fowlkes continues to reveal that they embrace and engage in various marketing activities and trade shows where they grasp new clients. He also says that being referred by their current clients is also key in them making sales and earning money in their business. Some of the clients include the DOD and the NATO whom they supply with high-end gears and equipment. Ronald continues to say that he believed in the product since he had already used it as well.


In an interview held with Ideamensch, Ronald reveals that a typical day for him commences with him dropping his children to school and immediately heading to work. His day comprises of making and receiving many calls with NATO as they are their largest client. He also takes some time to respond to emails and messages and at the same time, holds a meeting with his team to ensure that everything is on track. Ronald Fowlkes believes in teamwork as it eventually leads to success. He continues to reveal that jotting down everything is what makes him quite productive as a business person.


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Ronald Fowlkes is also an ardent hockey fan as he holds the sport close to heart. As a result, he manages a youth league. In one of his articles on his blog, Ronald reveals that Jeff Glass seems to be moving in the right direction in the NHL as a result of his successful career as a hockey player in the juniors.



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