Scott Rocklage: A Way To Cure

Scot Rocklage went for his studies at California University. He was awarded a bachelors degree of science in chemistry. He later received his chemistry Ph.D. in Massachusetts institute a technology school. In 5 AM ventures organization, he is a managing partner there. He had joined the organization in 2003 and after he became a partner in the venture, he was later in 2004 made managing partner.


He is experienced in the healthcare field for more than 30 years. He was responsible when cubicin, omniscan and teslascan medications were being approved by FDA. In addition, he has also worked on other medications for clinical trials, therefore, being an inventor.


Expansion Therapeutics are busy trying to fight the genetic disorders like myotonic dystrophy type. It is the one known for muscular dystrophy in adults. The company donated $55.3 million so that to be able to fight against the disease. The symptoms become visible if RNA is able to reach a toxic level.


The companies like Novartis venture, 5 AM Ventures, Sanofi ventures and Kleiner Perkins are leading in the financing. Other organizations like Alexandria and RA capital management also participated.


DNA transforms to form the RNAs that are later converted to become protein. If the production of these RNAs has reached a toxic level in the cells, a DM1 condition will occur. The muscle, gastrointestinal system, hormone system, respiratory system and the heart will start becoming defective.


An entire family might end up being affected by this DM1 and it keeps growing in worse condition with the subsequent generation. It is currently not having effective treatment in the medical community for DM1.


Expansion Therapeutics is creating a medication that will only confront RNA illness are caused by RNA. The major aim concern by the company is the illness which is repeat disorders. These repeat disorders from expansion repeat are hereditary and they are not responding in a better way to the medical interventions. They are having defective genes. DM1 is an illness that is classified when DNA start repeating itself and RNA is produced which accumulate until they reach a toxic level. The plan is to advance in small molecule field and target RNA with medicines. Learn more:




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