Drew Madden: High-Tech Solutions In Today’s Healthcare Market

As corporations jockey for position in the U.S. healthcare market, it is entrepreneurs now entering the market who are expected to make a tremendous difference in the years ahead. This has been evident in the number of entrepreneurs focusing their efforts on such areas as electronic medical records, healthcare equipment, and disease research, all of which are key components in helping patients receive better care while knowing their information is secure. With such important corporate moves recently as Amazon purchasing pharmaceutical licenses in many states, and pharmacy company CVS seeking to get into the health insurance market by purchasing Aetna, the field of healthcare is sure to change and expand in the coming years. For entrepreneurs like Drew Madden, these moves present even more chances to use his skills in new and innovative ways.

Currently President of Nordic Consulting Partners, a healthcare IT firm specializing in electronic medical records, Drew has taken the technical skills learned while earning a B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering and made a dramatic impact on today’s healthcare market. In leading NCP to unprecedented heights regarding employment growth, annual revenues, and increase in clientele, Drew has demonstrated a unique ability to use his talents in various ways.

Widely viewed by industry experts as one of the brightest minds in healthcare IT, Drew has been instrumental in helping companies find software solutions to their toughest problems. One of these has been helping companies design software that will not only work better with today’s advancing hardware, but will also simplify the reports generated by doctors. And along with this, Drew is also involved with helping medical records companies develop software systems that will allow patient data to be sent directly to a doctor’s office and stored in a cloud, enabling it to be retrieved at any time for reference.

Continuing to expand on his reputation for excellence, Drew Madden is poised to greatly influence the U.S. healthcare system in the years ahead. As his company consults with many of the largest healthcare corporations in the nation, Drew’s expertise will be relied upon to develop solutions to complex problems.


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