Luiz Carlos Trabuco: The Executive Taking Over As Chairman Of Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has stood as an important member of Bradesco for the past several years. Most of the work that he has done for the company has been beneficial towards their development and has improved the overall workings of Bradesco. One of the prominent positions from which Trabuco was able to have a large impact on the company was from the position of President of Bradesco.

This post was granted to him in 2009, after the brilliant tenure that he had as the CEO of the company. From this position, Trabuco brought on a number of changes that helped take Bradesco from the second position in the economy and made it the number one private bank in Brazil.

One of the main focuses that Luiz Carlos Trabuco held when he was working as the president of the company was to improve the accessibility that Bradesco had. The aim was to make it to that the entire population of Brazil has access to the services that Bradesco has to offer. This meant that the company would have to increase the number of outlets that they had, and make it so that everyone in Brazil had a Bradesco bank that they could go to, no matter where they lived. This was an ambitious plan and something that was seen as hard to pull off in a short while. In spite of that, Trabuco was able to carry out the plan of action that he had and helped the company reach the number one spot that its previous leaders had been intently working towards.

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Bradesco has had a rich history ever since it first opened its doors for business. The company has grown from a small local bank to one of the biggest in the country. The leaders that have built Bradesco have played a large role in the development that Bradesco has seen, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco stands as one of those bank leaders.

In 2017, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was offered a new position within Bradesco, this time being one of the Chairman of the company. Bradesco was in need of a new chairman after the previous person holding this position decided to retire. The position of chairman is one of the most essential within the company, and also one from which Trabuco could contribute a lot more to the progress of Bradesco. Trabuco accepted the offer as soon as he was asked to take up the position and proceeded to start performing his duties immediately.

During the initial months of being the chairman of Bradesco, Trabuco did have to face a number of challenges, mainly because of the previous position that he held. Because he was the President of the company, he had to keep performing the role of President and Chairman of the company, until a new one was elected according to Even though this would seem like something that was incredibly hard, Trabuco was able to perform both roles with absolute ease, further demonstrating what a brilliant leader he has been for Bradesco.

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