An Interview with Alex Pall

start-of-the moment. While it seems somehow obvious for artist singing on their own written songs, it is a bit different when it comes to pair and their DJ contemporaries, who depend on songs written by someone else and vocalists to bring in human element to their crafted electronic soundscape. Some artists like Pall and Taggart are working day and night to reveal themselves while others are hiding themselves Deadmau5 is a good example. Chainsmokers spoke to the pair on matters concerning the new track and identity establishment as well as the plan about their evolvement as the number of their audience increase.


One of the questions Alex and Andrew were asked was how the two started working together as a pair. Alex Pall answered first by explaining how the passion of being a DJ began when he was young as a hobby. He used to work around the New York City as a DJ as side work that he really liked. It needed a lot of determination and courage for him to work around the New York City on something that made him feel good than doing a real job. He later realized that dance music was consuming him. The manager that he is working with currently introduced him to Drew, and immediately he left his job and started working.


When the turn was for Andrew Taggart, he said that before he met Alex was a college student and he had interest in being a DJ. He began loving electronic music a long time ago. When Alex was in college people used to make fun of him because he used to wear v-necks and listen to dance music. Before their meeting he had started producing. Around New York City many DJs were getting booked and the opportunity was quite revealing. He played some shows and got encouraged to continue. He really got fascinated by the scene, giving him more reasons of getting into it. He had a plan of moving from Syracuse where he went to school to Las Angeles and trying to concentrate on doing DJ.


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