A glance at the beautiful climb of Louis Chenevert to success

Louis Chenevert was raised from a humble background but his hard work and sheer determination to make himself a success story saw him rise from grass to grace. He was born in Montreal, Quebec over a golden jubilee ago in the year 1958.

Louis kicked off his studied at HEC Montreal Business School at the University of Montreal. His major area of interest was Production Management. He had already aimed at the moon and the stars on the way never deterred him from his course .Production management being the backbone of any industry, Louis wanted to be the integral part in the company. He played his cards right and rose to helms of power in various production giants in the USA

Louis’ first step to success was marked by his ascension into office as the General Motors Director in charge of Montreal. In as much as he had set pace in landing his dream job, his primary aim was to reach the apex of success and despite the success at GM his focus was so much far ahead . When the opportunity to join the sister company to GM came his way in 1993 he quickly jumped on board.

Pratt and Whitney specialized in aircraft engine manufacture and was based in the USA. His expertise saw a remarkable overhaul in the company’s production and finance records. For the first time since the inception of the company, the manufacturing costs for engines dropped by a significant margin at ten percent. The production period was also reduced to nine months compared to the two years it previously took for the same. These changes through his watch, the quality of engines was not in any way altered.

Louis Chenevert later joined United Technologies where he would later spend his prime years as the Chief Executive Officer. UTC is a US based company that deals with the production of improved security systems, elevators, escalators, aircraft engines et cetera. Louis became the masterpiece behind the incorporation of Geared Turbofan engines into the production line for $10 billion. Though the project faced fierce criticism from within due to the high cost, he proved his resilience by sticking to his original plan.

The GTF engines reduced aircraft’s fuel consumption tremendously by 16% and emissions by a staggering 50%.Despite having opposed him, UTC proved a book shouldn’t be judged by its cover as they are reaping the benefits. Having made hay while the sun was shining, Louis became the President of UTC in 2008. All these success was achieved by a single man and an average human being a factor that makes him instrumental to UTC till date.



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