Whitney Wolfe Revels to have been Receiving Threats

In the last couple of months, the United States of America witnessed the random shooting of people. Many are the people who have been irked by the turn of events. Among them is the chief executive officer of Bumble, a famous women-based dating site. Whitney Wolfe’s concerns grew after the shooting in the Stoneman Douglas High School. As the president of the dating app, Whitney restricted Bumble users from posting photos of them holding guns. Exemptions were made for those who work in the military, but even so, they had to post while in uniform. Whitney Wolfe’s concerns were that the gun photos might have in one way or the other promoted violence.

As noble as her intentions were, a section of Bumble users were not pleased. Whitney Wolfe began receiving threats. She received emails threatening to get her in the company offices. Everyone on the team working at Bumble also received the threats. Bumble was forced to have police in its premises for a couple of weeks. While speaking about the issue, Whitney Wolfe says that the decision to ban gun photos that was passed in March pissed of many people, but it was the right decision to make. She went on to say that there is no need to romanticize owning of guns, given the statistics of women who die every year as a result of domestic abuse of guns.

Since its inception barely four years ago, Bumble has registered tremendous growth. It has become the leading dating app with close to 10 million users. This popularity could be as a result of its uniqueness. Unlike typical dating apps where men often make the first move, Bumble only allows women to do so. This women-centered kind of approach has made Bumble become an industry leader.

To get to Whitney Wolfe’s current heights of success, Whitney has had her fair shares of struggles. Her determination has however made her triumph. While beginning her career, the American entrepreneur helped in founding Tinder. She, however, quit so as to start her venture which as so far been a success. Entrepreneurship can be said to be one of Whitney Wolfe’s strengths. She attended the Methodist University, where she took a course in sales and business administration. This formed the bases of her excellent entrepreneurial skills. Besides, the 29-year-old hailing from Utah is married to Michael Herd. Their colorful wedding was held last year in Positano.

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