Rocketship Education Schools Still Rock!

Rocketship Education is a well known network of schools that aims to help kids from underprivileged families get a great education. They are known for their high test scores among students and for their ability to teach kids from all backgrounds. They are also known for their ways of including the parents in the education of their children.

Recently, a certain publication wrote an entire article about Rocketship Education. They wrote how the kids at Rocketship Education were getting higher test scores than other charter schools. However, they said, they felt that they had to criticize Rocketship Education for their tight classes and their long schedule.

However, after they published the article, many writers, publications, and people on social media started saying that they may not have written a fully balanced profile about Rocketship Education. After all, they said, why did they not compare Rocketship to the other schools in the same neighborhood? If they did that, we would be able to see how exactly Rocketship stacks up against the other schools that kids in the neighborhood go to.

According to Washington Monthly, the article failed to give any context for the few critical opinions of Rocketship Education. After all, they did not account for the reason why so many parents seemed to love Rocketship and why so many parents were raving about how great the network is. Why did they just focus on a few unhappy parents instead of taking a look at the bigger picture and seeing how Rocketship Education fared in the overall scheme of things?

Another reason to be suspicious of the article is that they refer to Rocketship Education with the term company. That is a sensitive subject in the world of education. After all, a company is a business, and a school is not a business. Rocketship Education does not charge tuition, and it is not the only school that relies on for-profit methods in order to fund their non-profit school. The piece seems biased for some reason, at least to many people.


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