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Otto Kolschowsky migrated to the United States with his family, and in 1909 he established a meat business in Oak Oak, Illinois, that was two years after their arrival. Several years into the meat business Otto expanded the business, and it became a wholesale meat business and he also he expanded the market to the nearby Chicago suburb of Maywood. In 1928 Otto named his business Otto&Sons. For an extended period, the Otto&Sons meat business became a brand name for their quality meat and services. In 1955 McDonald’s created a meat business in Des Plaines and chose Otto&Sons as their primary supplier of beef patties. The contract was sealed by a handshake between Roy Kroc the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s and the Otto sons. The relationship between the two food companies has grown to date.

Otto&Sons continued to grow with the meat company launching their first high volume meat factory in 1973. The factory was opened in West Chicago and had liquid nitrogen freezing tunnels and patty forming machines. Within the factory, Otto&Sons created another separate department, and they named it Glenmark where they folded the non-McDonald’s meat products. Otto&Sons was responsible for supplying meat and products to stores and restaurants around the region. In 1975 Otto&Sons changed their name to OSI Food Solutions and they grew to be the primary supplier of McDonald’s as they expanded geographically.

Ever since the creation of the meat firm it has continued to expand their market as they also acquire other food companies in the world. OSI Food Solutions has grown their market all over the world. OSI Food Solutions has over 2000 staff all the world. Recently the meat firm purchased Baho Foods, Flagship Europe, and Tyson food Plant as a way of expanding their market. In China, OSI Food Solutions established one of the largest poultry firms in the region. OSI Industries have their facilities in more than 65 locations in 17 countries and the United States of America they have been operating in areas among them Chicago, Wisconsin, Illinois, West Jordan, Utah, Oakland, California, and West Chicago among other areas. OSI is determined to remain the premier meat supply company.


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