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In Ann Scango’s “What is holding back art education?”, she covers the views of progressive education scholar Mae Jemison. Jemison talks about how art and science are interrelated: the curiosity that the arts encourage is satisfied and extended by the fields of science. However, the divide between the two is more prevalent now than ever before.


Art education schools are largely private or magnet schools, while public schools rarely focus on material outside of standardized tests, leading to stagnation of the curriculum in later years. Jemison argues that balance must be restored between these extremes, or else institutions risk stifling the creativity and potential of students. Students, she says, are the next line of innovators, and must be nurtured while encouraging their critical thinking skills to prepare them for the world at large. Just as we have learned from those who came before us, we need to lay the groundwork for the next generation.

Ann Scango Inspirery

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Ann Scango’s work involves complex 3D sculpture using a variety of materials and forms. From polyurethane foam to twigs and mulch, she connects audiences to the environment and each other by showcasing both man-made and natural materials, showing the interconnectedness of humanity to the earth itself. She further extends this relationship by promoting her work in the world of the digital, including platforms on Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest, thereby connecting those audiences to the earth as well. Aside from her own personal work, she also founded and maintains the Scango Collection art gallery, showcasing the work of other women in modern art. Through these works, Ann Scango breaks the boundaries of both traditional sculpture and traditional art galleries, with a focus on interconnectedness, empathy, and the relationship of humans to both each other and the world around them.

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