OSI Group Continues to Grow After a Century of Business

Most companies hope to last at least one generation in business. One company, however, has been going strong for over a century. That company, OSI Group, is continuing to grow and make acquisitions as it enters its next 100 years in the food distribution business. OSI Group was not always a leading, global food distributor. In fact, the company has its roots in a humble immigrant story traced back early in the 20th century. It was 1909 and a German immigrant by the name of Otto Kolschowsky decided to open his own butcher shop in Oak Park, Illinois. The business grew quickly by serving people in the community. And a decade later, Mr. Kolschowsky was able to expand into the wholesale food business.

The company would later change its name to Otto & Sons in 1928. By this time, the wholesale food distributor was expanding their business across the Midwest. While the company was doing well, its biggest breakthrough would not come until a couple of decades later. After World War 2, America was experiencing a boom of optimism and innovation. One of those innovations was the rise of the fast food business. One particular burger chain needed a company to distribute their ground beef. That burger chain, McDonalds chose Otto & Sons to handle the rising demand of ground beef patties. As the leading ground beef supplier to McDonalds, Otto & Sons now became a national food distributor.

Today, Otto & Sons is known as OSI Group. This global food distributor serves thousands of restaurants, supermarkets and convenience stores on several continents. One of the key strategies of this global food distributor is to expand via strategic acquisitions and partnerships. One of those partnerships includes the recent merger with Turi Foods, creating a whole new company known as Turosi. Since the company’s humble days as a local butcher shop, OSI Group has always succeed by serving the customers’ needs with efficiency and quality. Today, that same focus of efficiency and quality has led to global growth that reaches the plates of millions of people around the world. As the company enters its second century of business, OSI Group will seek to further expand their service to new markets.


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