Jason Hope: Anti-Aging Entrepeneur of the Future

Jason Hope is an internet entrepreneur involved with the SENS foundation and has invested much into securing the future of those who struggle from the reactive nature of the healthcare industry. Much of the work done towards aging seems to be more reactive these days, and it’s important to attack the root cause of the natural process of aging. Over time the metabolism damages the body but there are ways and research to prevent deadly diseases from happening.

This allows it to be tackled and to age in a more graceful and natural way. Much of the reason why people have such a hard time getting old with complications is that there isn’t enough research and funding going into the industry. Instead, we see the diseases being treated as they appear instead of using effective prevention techniques. Read more about Jason Hope at ideamensch.com

Jason Hope’s first act in this industry was to donate half a million dollars to the organization SENS to further implement the advanced strategies to circumvent the unnecessary complications involved with aging. Through this generous donation, the foundation has been able to implement new research strategies to create a better understanding of why there are so many difficulties with the metabolism as we age. Jason Hope believes that it is imperative to advance the field of medicine and these donations are the first step towards taking the initiative in the right direction of healthcare. He is passionate about giving to a good cause and believes in the work that the SENS foundation stands for.

Jason Hope has the confidence to invest in advanced medical knowledge to attack the problem before it becomes a true plague for those approaching older age. Jason Hope is very concerned with making sure that we see drastic changes in the immediate generation and for the human race as a whole. Increasing the age and decreasing the pain and suffering associated with aging is the organizations first priority. This is arguably the most important topic in medicine because there is nothing more serious than growing old and having difficulties. Jason Hope’s generous contributions to the healthcare and aging science industry pave the way for true hope for our future.

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