William Saito’s Unlikely Path to Success

If I told you that working for one of the leading stock companies before you were old enough to vote doesn’t guarantee success, what would you say? William Saito has not had the typical path to success. While he was employed for Merrill Lynch at a young age and started his own business while in college, he had many points in his life that probably had more bearing on his current success.


His parents knew that he was a gifted child. They took a second mortgage to buy him his first computer. Computers, in those days, cost a staggeringly $5,000, but his parents were sure that he would seize this opportunity be getting to work. But they were shocked when the first thing their son did was take the computer apart, piece by piece. They were pleasantly surprised when he put it back together.


You’d think, from this alone, young William Saito was well on his way to being one of the brightest minds in the field of technology. Not to mention he completed high school in three years. However, William Saito is a shiny example of the word persistence.

He does what most successful people do. He turned misfortune into opportunity. He accredits his being viewed as “uncool” by the ladies helped him save money that would be spent on partying and dates. He, in turn, had more time and money to invest in his software company.


As William Saito’s company grew, a potential client wanted to tour his corporate headquarters. Unbeknownst to them, his headquarters was a dorm room. So he and his friends rented an office space, assembled a mock staff, bought furniture, and acquired old computers from the university. The clients were impressed with the how productive they looked. The plan worked so well that they started working from there.


Willam Saito eventually sold his company to Microsoft at age 33. While he was still fairly young and successful, he did not stop there. He continued to work hard when others would consider early retirement. To this day, William Saito is one of the leading entrepreneurs. His contributions to the world of technology are more than most people are capable of in two lifetimes.





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