Nick Vertucci shares success tips through his new book

Nick Vertucci has a new book entitled ‘Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.’ This book is a must-read for anyone who has kept away from the business because of fear of failure. The book offers inspiration that will drive out the fear. It gives a perspective of the accomplishments that one would make by stepping out of the comfort zone of routine jobs and starting a business investment.

Nick Vertucci shares his struggles before he succeeded. He also shares experiences from the failure part and the success part. Both of them show a person who has gone beyond the obvious to search for success. The good thing is that he finally managed to find it and now he is a millionaire. He succeeded in turning his struggles into triumph, and now he is reaping the fruits of being fearless in his approach.

The book by Nick Vertucci should inspire everyone to take a challenge in their life and try out something different. The routine jobs will hold you up in a cycle of poverty all your career life. It is important that people learn to make a move just like Nick did. He started the journey with nothing, but in the end, everything went as per his plans.

In the ‘Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed,’ readers will learn how they can successfully build their businesses. He offers lessons on the mindset of a business person, the best business practices and the building blocks of a business. Nick reveals all the things he did so that he could succeed. His life shows a person who built his life twice successfully. Nick Vertucci first established a successful business in the technology sector, but it collapsed leaving him with nothing financially. He went back again, this time in the real estate sector and conquered again. Find out more about Nick Vertucci:


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