Sussex Healthcare: Their Popular Homes

Sussex Healthcare has been in business since 1985. Their facilities stretch throughout the Sussex area and have been providing elderly care for years. Their well known quality centers have a reputation for providing exceptional care when it comes to the residents. It’s hard to believe that when Sussex Healthcare first started is only had one home. Now the business lives by their own model when it comes to care for the elderly and are determined to provide great service. The organization boosts 15 facilities are more. Their large network includes many main and well-known houses.

Kingsmead care centere

Sussex healthcare has a modern and popular facility located in and around Horsham. With the ability to house 34 people, the home has a specialty when it comes to disability and elderly care. Inside there’s a separate area for mental and physical disabilities. They also have a list activities targeting those with limited abilities. On site, you can find a 24 hour nursing care that’s available from the talented staff. Outside, the grounds show a spread of beautiful gardens near the local bus line.

Longfield manor

It’s a spacious home that targets those suffering from Alzheimer’s to Dementia and it’s located in Billinshurst. The house requirement is that you are 65 years and older in order to be a resident living in the house. The house holds 40 people in shared and private rooms. The activity schedule focuses on cognitive health and a lists other activities residents can enjoy. Outside on the grounds, is a striking garden with and walking areas.

Rapskyns nursing home

This specific Sussex healthcare home sits in the Broadbridge heath location near Horsham. The huge estate has orchards, a greenhouse and gardens. There is about 40 acres of beautiful land and attractive walking areas residents can use. Many visiting the house will get an eyeful of the beautiful trees and shrubs and a lavish rose garden. The nursing home is strictly for elderly individuals needing assistance daily. The targeted healthcare areas they focus on include Alzheimer’s and dementia. The home has 41 private rooms and each of those have their own bathroom.


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