End Citizens United is Backing O’Rourke Against Ted Cruz

Many people are anticipating a wave of blue come November. The importance of the midterm elections have never been higher, and it’s likely that dozens of Republican seats are flipped on election day. Democrats are even polling well in area that they typically have no chance in.

For example, in Texas, Beto O’Rourke, a Democrat supported by End Citizens United, and Ted Cruz, the incumbent Senator and Republican who ran for President of the United States, are facing off for Cruz’s Senate seat. Find out more about End Citizens United at indeed.com

Polls have been improving for Beto O’Rourke all year. At the beginning of the year, O’Rourke was trailing by 18 points. A recent poll from the University of Texas has O’Rourke only trailing by 5 points. End Citizen United’s own polling shows that Beto O’Rourke is trailing Ted Cruz by 8 points.

Many are blaming Ted Cruz for O’Rourke’s rise. Texans are simply tired of Ted Cruz putting his own interests ahead of Texas citizens. It also didn’t help that Ted Cruz lost his bid for President of the United States in 2016. The chances of Texas seeing a Democrat Senator are growing each day.

Ted Cruz also made a mistake when he attacked Facebook for banning Alex Jones’s InfoWars videos. “Who the hell made Facebook the arbiter of political speech?” wrote Cruz. While he took a centrist position, citizens will not be happy that he took the side of a conspiracy theorist.

About End Citizens United

End Citizens United (ECU) is a PAC, but it operates as a grassroots organization. They are made up of middle class citizens who care about the political system. End Citizens United was created to combat the 2010 Supreme Court decision for Citizens United. The F.E.C. lost its battle, and it became possible for corporations to anonymously donate money to politicians. Corporations are now able to donate endless amounts of money to a campaign, without having to publicly agree with a politician’s policy.

End Citizen United only supports Democrats who do not accept corporate money. This is their technique when it comes to changing the system. They can’t convince the Supreme Court to change their mind, but they can feel political seats with politicians who do not accept big money.

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