EOS Lip Balm. – Hitting a Market Segment and Growing

When the EOS brand was first founded, the owners of the brand saw that there was an incredible opportunity to provide for a specific segment of the lip balm market that wasn’t being directly marketed to; women.

Women constitute the largest segment of the lip balm product. In fact, eighty percent of women use lip care products of one kind of another. Products were not being crafted for the specific tastes of women until EOS came along and began to do so.

The founders of EOS thought that they simply need to build a great product and customers would come flocking to it. If you build it they will come. However, they also realized that you need innovative marketing and capital. The founders of EOS turned to financiers who gave them the capital too grow and went about buying a special product that was built to capture the growing and significant female portion of the market for lip balm.

Then EOS built their lip balm. It was based on higher quality emollients than the standard lip balm which is based on petroleum jelly. EOS based their lip balms on oils like jojoba and Shea butter which provided more lasting moisture for the lips. While these products were more expensive, they provided for more lasting protection for the lips.

Beyond that, EOS lip balms have these innovative flavors and containers that are egg shaped and stand out both in a woman’s handbag and in stores. They are pastel colored which make them easy to find as well. The flavors are bright and interesting and different than anything else on the market such as raspberry pomegranate and summer fruit. Flavors like blueberry açaí are new and interesting options for those who are looking for some unique options.

These characteristics allowed the EOS brand to grow and differentiate itself in the market and grow into an international player.


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