OSI Group Achievements in the Last Century

OSI Group is an organization that enjoys a great reputation in the market ever since its inception. The institution is the largest food processing company in the entire word and prides itself for being the source of income for more than twenty thousand people from various parts of the world. OSI has branches in seventeen countries, and is currently enjoying a lot of success. However, the company started from very humble background but the management did not let this hinder its mission to become a major corporate business.

Immigrant Roots

OSI was established by an immigrant who came to the United States in search of greener pastures. The company began as a simple meat shop serving immigrants living in Chicago and its suburbs but Otto Kolschowsky, the founding father of the firm, knew what the people in the region wanted, and his primary mission was to make sure that he delivered quality meat. The people with Germany descent were the main customers in the new business. While the city continued thriving, more people started coming in to get the services from Otto and his company. In no time, the meat store grew and started attracting investors.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Innovations at OSI Group

OSI Group has undergone so many changes since it was established more than one hundred years ago. With new investors coming in, the organization had to embrace the modern technology so that it can cater to the growing demands from the customers. The organization had to increase the amount of meat production in several food plants. The food processing firm has ensured that the modern technology is utilized in all its food plants so that operations are running in the shortest time. Being an international company, OSI has also purchased food plants to ensure that it boosts in presence in various regions in the world.

OSI Group Leadership

Over the years, the food processing company has been enjoying great leadership from professionals who are experts in management matters. Led by Sheldon Lavin, these individuals have ensured that OSI Group takes the right direction in all the decisions it makes. The company leaders have been in the industry for decades, and they have made a huge impact in the food industry. The leaders have the best academic qualifications too. Most of them being graduates from leading universities in the United States.


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