Multi-national banker Anil Chaturvedi

Investment banking is essential to financing the success of any project, whether you need assistance financing a group, an individual, a corporation, or other entity. Finding the right investment banker is the best way to ensure financial security for you and your business. Anil Chaturvedi, a man who has been in the banking field for over four decades, is committed to sharing his expertise in the field of private, commercial, and investment banking.

Anil Chaturvedi has worked with several different financial and banking firms over the course of forty years. He obtained his B.A with honors in Economics from Chaudhary Charan Singh University and later on obtained his Marketing and Finance MBA from Delhi University. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated exceptional skills to his clients by guiding them through processes like raising money through bonds and equity, mergers and acquisitions, and risk management. Although he grew up in India, Chaturvedi has traveled to multiple countries, making his perspectives on finance broader and more worldly. He was able to generate over $500 million of business for his former company, the State Bank of India in a mere four years. Presently, he works as the Managing Editor for Hinduja Bank, Switzerland, where he focuses on improving banking relations between India and Europe. His insight has been invaluable when navigating the effects startups like Fintech have on the banking industry.

Anil Chaturvedi currently resides in Switzerland with his wife. His work in restructuring failed assets has benefitted companies throughout Switzerland, India, the United States, and Asia. His in-depth analysis of asset bubbles has saved the organizations he has worked for countless dollars. Though Chaturvedi has left a number of corporations to advance his career, he took care to build positive relationships with all of his employers, and his reputation benefitted from it greatly. He is a notable member of the Asian E-Commerce Alliance, and his work on a variety of panels has aided in extending goodwill across the globe. Not only does Anil focus his efforts on financial stability and security, he makes the conscious decision to improve international relations for the benefit of everyone involved.


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