Paul Mampilly Shows Why Investing In Robotics Will Result In People Earning Millions In Returns

Paul Mampilly and the rest of the Banyan Hill Publishing team recently hosted their annual Total Wealth Symposium. This year it was held at the Four Seasons resort located in Las Vegas, Nevada. This symposium lasts for three days and is attended by investors from across the nation. Speakers talk to investors about how to come out on top when deciding which companies to invest their money in. Other topics include things such as protecting assets and maintaining privacy.

While sitting in a casino, Paul Mampilly says he could hear excited chatter as people shoved money into slot machines and played the card tables. People have a feeling that with one more hand or pull of the slot machine handle they’ll get a huge strike and leave the casino a lot wealthier than when they went in. Anything can happen but the gambles would be better off playing a better game of risk which is investing their money in companies, he says.

There’s a limit to how much you can prepare to play, say, Spanish 21. When it comes to investing, though, there are limitless ways of preparing yourself to do well and beat “the house”. You just need to know the right strategies to follow and what companies and industries you should be investing your money in. This is what the Banyan Hill Publishing did during this Total Wealth Symposium.

Paul Mampilly’s talk at this event was called, “How to Make Your Millions From the Robo Revolution. He says that investing in the robotics industry is going to mint a lot of millionaires in the coming years. Robots are being constantly developed by a number of firms and they are becoming increasingly useful, convenient, and economical to purchase and operate.

During his talk, Paul Mampilly backed up information with statistics. He says that analysts peg the compound growth rate of the cloud robotics industry to increase by almost 9 percent a year from 2017 to 2025. The service robotics market, meanwhile, will grow by 20 percent a year and be worth more than $22 billion by 2024. Paul Mampilly pointed to the medical robot market which will grow by 22.3 percent annually.


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