Infinity Group Australia Lands Major Decoration For Innovative Work

Earlier this year Infinity Group Australia was named as the 58th Most Innovative Company operating in all of Australia and New Zealand. The title was handed to the company by way of the prestigious Australian Financial Review, a publication that is put in front of the eyes of more than 1.8 million people through the region. The Australian Financial Review, or AFR for short, has been releasing their Top 100 Most Innovative Companies for seven straight years. The inclusion of Infinity Group Australia on the list marked a huge stepping stone for the company, led by co-founders Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker. Let’s dig deeper into the award and what it means for Infinity Group Australia going forward.


As one of the true leaders of the debt reduction industry, Infinity Group Australia has been making lives better for Australian communities for the past five years since they first opened their doors. Led by Holm and Walker, Infinity Group Australia has worked hard to provide quality financial services to the people that need them most and you can rest assured that this was in consideration when the AFR was compositing their list of innovative companies. The Australian Financial Review likes to look at how companies impact not only their clients but also the communities and culture in the areas that they operate in. With Infinity Group Australia providing life-changing services, you can bet that their impact on the community was substantial.


With their addition to the AFR’s Top 100 list at the 58th spot, Infinity Group Australia puts itself at the top 5.8 percent of all businesses operating in the region. The selection process was not as simple as drawing a name from a hat or analyzing financial figures. Instead, the decisions were made by Inventium, a consulting company that uses a large array of assessment techniques in order to separate the best companies from the simply good ones. After a laborious process, Inventium was able to come to their conclusion and the rest was history. Of the selection by Inventium Holme said that he was proud of the work that he and his team have been doing and cited their passion as a driving force toward their current success.


Graeme Holm spent more than a decade working in a major banking environment before stepping away in order to establish Infinity Group Australia. While he was good at what he did inside of the banking environment, Holm wanted to impact people directly and so he knew he had to leave and start his own business. Learn more:













Graeme Holm, Founder of Infinity Group Australia, Accepts AFR 2018 Award


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