The Success of Eric Lefkofsky

Who is Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur who has been able to make billions with his different business endeavors. Lefkofsky was born in 1969 to a Jewish family in the state of Michigan. After graduating from the University of Michigan, Lefkofsky went to the law school at that same university. After finishing law school, Lefkofsky continued to study in order receive his juris doctorate. Lefkofsky had a great idea for business, and after finishing his studies, he was able to get together with a good friend from college and get up enough money to start his own business in 1993. These two friends created a successful Internet company called Starbelly. After Starbelly, Lefkofsky created other companies including the following: Innerworkings, Echo Global Logistics,, Uptake, and Tempus.

More about Eric Lefkofsky

Lefkofsky is married and has three children. He is an avid businessman, and he also believes in giving back to the community. Eric Lefkofsky and his wife created the Lefkofsky Foundation in 2006. This is a charitable foundation that focuses on children. Through this foundation, Lefkofsky and his wife have been able to give support to over 50 different organizations that help the community. Apart from that, Lefkofsky is a member of several community boards in his state, and he also serves as chairman for different organizations as well.

A Spotlight on Groupon

Groupon is a globally traded company on the NASDAQ. When it comes to local and national commerce, Groupon is definitely a leading company. Groupon is able to offer individuals amazing deals on just about everything. If a person is interested in buying electronics, or if he is looking into finding a romantic getaway , he is able to find some of the best deals on This is a company that Lefkofsky created, and he was later able to sell Groupon to Google for over $6 billion.


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