How Technology Is Changing Politics

Political campaigning is not done like it uses to. Technology has revamped the way campaigners promote voter turnout and educate voters about a certain political figure. Whistlestop tours and train speeches are a thing of the past. Social media sites and detailed targeting advertisements influence voters decision making when it comes to who they vote for at the polls.


Technology does not only help promote a campaign. It also saves a campaign a lot of money. Technology has made political advertisements more detailed and more efficient than other forms of advertising. NGP VAN is a leading software company that is often times used by Democrats when organizing their campaigns. This company has replaced the need for paper call logs, long written out scripts and the need for knocking on neighborhood doors. NGP VAN is privately owned and owns one of the largest political databases in the world. It is the handy book for Democrats to collect, store and find information on voters. Having detailed information and being geographic specific, this software enables users to find the exact voter they are looking for.

Since 2004 NGP VAN has been advancing the world of politics and technology. The software company launched their app called Mini Van. This app is the app volunteers use when they decide to travel by foot to voters’ homes. Hundreds of thousands of people have used the app so far this year. The software company wants as many people as possible to use the app. It allows campaigners to collect as much information as possible about voters. The app also gives insight and information to voters about the current election, about both parties about candidates who are running for office.


With the midterm elections approaching in a matter of weeks, campaign volunteers are working tirelessly. Voter turnout it seriously. These volunteers are working to make sure people get registered and make sure people who are registered show up to the poll. This midterm election is one of the most important elections in several years. This election has a major influence on the state of our country. With the help of NGP VAN, campaign volunteers are able to target and access voters more effectively than ever.




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