The Wise Investments of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group recently gave its investing clientele access to invest in leading connectivity provider, iPass. It boasts the largest Wi-Fi network in the world. This has delighted Gary Griffiths, the CEO and President of iPass, who has stated that will do much to make it company grow profitability and astronomically. One of iPass’s most considerable assets includes its Smart Connect technology. It currently has over 64 million hotspots worldwide for the convenience. This already massive total is expected to rise to 340 million by the end of this year.

IPass hopes that it will eventually have so many hotspots that it will be able to offer its customers unlimited Wi-Fi. In this day when more and more professionals combine vacations and work time and therefore depend on these hotspots, this is definitely a service IPass needs to pursue. Fortress Investment Group has invested in this fast-growing technology company for $10 million. IPass is presently in the process of transferring into completely cloud based business and third-party analysis. IPass incorporates a SmartConnect Software that enables its clients to make wise and more informed connection decisions.

Fortress Investment Group was first founded in 1998. On February 9, 2007 it went on the New York Stock exchange for the first time. Since this time it has been committed to providing its clients with the best investment areas possible. Its investment in IPass is recognized as one of its best business decisions ever. In all likelihood, companies based on providing WiFi connections will prove an increasingly great investment going into the future. The New York-based Fortress Investment Group presently employs 900 workers, manages over $40 billion in assets, and boasts over 1,750 investors.Besides its New York headquarters, Fortress manages many offices throughout the world. It is presently also making many other great investments in industries that will prove to be enormously profitable in the future.


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