The American Institute of Architects Led by Robert Ivy

In the field of architecture, there are many expert professionals who are dedicated to designing a number of quality buildings and structures. Like all other professional occupations, architects are often looking to continue their education and develop their expertise. One of the best ways to achieve this objective is to join a professional organization. For architects, the American Institute of Architects is arguably the top professional organization in the field. When joining the American Institute of Architects, they will be in position to benefit in a variety of ways. As a member of the AIA, architects will be able to enhance their overall professional development. This includes more opportunities to network, continuing education, job hunting assistance and an increase in credibility.

Robert Ivy is a longtime professional in the architecture field. Today, he is currently the head of the American Institute of Architects by serving as its chief executive officer. At this position, Robert Ivy is involved in the day to day management of the organization. Ivy is also responsible for developing programs and events to help architects enhance their professional development. Since 2011, Robert has been a key member of the organization’s expansion. During the last several years, the AIA has expanded to dozens of countries worldwide. Read more on

As well as serving as a top executive of a professional organization, Robert Ivy has a lot of experience in both editing and writing. Throughout most of his career, he was actively involved in researching and writing about the latest news in architecture. He used his articles to help enlighten architects about some of the most important issues concerning the field. With his contributions, he was able to earn a promotion to editing. For a number of years, Robert Ivy spent his time editing for major architecture publications. This position allowed him to continue providing the masses with key information about the field of architecture. His achievements as an editor and writer have been enhanced with major awards. Robert earned an award for his work as an editor and recently received the Lifetime Achievement Award in June of 2018. These accomplishments have helped Robert solidify his reputation as a major contributor to the field.



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