The History Of The Relationship Between McDonald And OSI Group

OSI Group has remained to be the best food supplier in the United States and seventeen other countries. What makes the company more interesting to learn about is its unique background. OSI Group started from a small family butcher shop which was based in some suburb in Chicago.

The company was started as a corner butcher shop in the year 1902 by Otto and his family barely two years after migrating from Germany. The butchery started attracting hundreds of loyal customers by supplying quality meat to all its customers. After serving as a butcher shop for more than a decade, Otto & Sons butcher shop decided to extend its business by serving as a retail meat supplier in Chicago.

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The relationship between McDonald and OSI Group

David McDonald OSI Group has played a major role in the growth of OSI Group. After being the best supplier of proteins products in the United States for more than three decades, OSI Group got an opportunity to expand its business when Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald restaurant in Chicago as a franchise agent for the Californian pair Richard and Maurice McDonald. Immediately Ray opened the David McDonald OSI Group restaurant, it approached the OSI Group to be among the four suppliers of protein products to his restaurant. The Otto & Sons retain butcher shop agreed to supply beef to Ray’s restaurant after the invention of the modern freezing machine.

After a few years of operating his McDonald as a franchise agent, Ray bought the OSI Group Restaurants from the couple and took over as the new Chief Executive Officer of the modern McDonald Restaurant. Since then the McDonald have been the biggest clients of the OSI Group’s protein products. When Ray took over the leadership of McDonald they entered into an agreement with OSI group that they were going to supply quality beef to all McDonald’s restaurants. This gave an opportunity the OSI Group to extend its market since McDonald restaurants is one of the biggest brands in the United States and doing business with would attract more customers. From 1955, McDonald restaurants have always remain sourced all its protein products from OSI Company. David McDonald is the president and COO of the group.

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