Peter Briger Donates To Conserve Environment For The Current And Future Generations

Environmental degradation is becoming an issue of concern not only in the United States but also in other parts of the world. Climate change has been labeled as a course for concern to the individuals around the world. Many people have already experienced devastating effects of environmental and climatic changes such as flooding, drought, and even displacement of people living at the coastlines due the rising sea levels.

Peter Briger is one of the experienced entrepreneur and billionaire who is aware that the world is facing serious challenges, especially if the current trends will not be reversed. He has acknowledged that the concerned bodies need to develop and implement various policies that will see the United States recognize climate change as a serious factor that could pose threats to the current and future generations living in the country.

In fact, Peter Briger goes ahead to highlight that the country has already been on the receiving end of the effects of climate change through the hurricanes and other climate related challenges that have hit the country in recent times. This debate has been brought out by Briger when there is a serious discussion between two opposing group. One of the groups highlights that Climate change is an illusion that should not bother those living in the United States. However, there is another group that is aware that climate change is real and the country needs to act fast to reverse the trends.

Peter Briger has refused to be entangled in the who debate that pits those supporting climate change policies and against the debate by following the sentiments of the United Nations, which recommends that every country has to play role in conserving environment for the current and future generations.

Besides urging people to protect and conserve the environment, Peter Briger donates handsomely to the environmental conservation programs and other reliable sustainable programs around the country. Recently, Briger donated more than $600 million to central park conservation, which is a not for profit making organization that operates in Manhattan, New York City. The primary motive of this organization is to conserve the environment and make it friendly to the city dwellers.

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