Eric Lefkofsky’s Startup, Tempus, Releases New Mobile Application.

Tempus is a Chicago-based startup that has been rising in popularity by leaps and bounds over the past two years. The company was co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky, one of Chicago’s more successful technological entrepreneurs, and is seeking to help change the field of cancer care by way of molecular and clinical data collection. Tempus is building the largest library in the world of clinical and molecular data and it is feeding it through an operating system that physicians throughout the country can access at their fingertips. Now, Tempus is unveiling a new path of accessibility for their data by way of a mobile app known as Tempus Labs.

Tempus Labs will be an extension of the core work being done by the Tempus platform. The mobile application will seek to give certified physicians the ability to access both their patient’s clinical history and the therapy options that exist for them. Physicians will also be able to look into potential clinical trials which their patients might have eligibility for. The intention of the application is simply to put as much important data into the hands of the physicians who need them as possible.

Development of Tempus Labs has been a long time in the making with COO Ryan Fukushima revealing that the application was designed in conjunction with advanced feedback from physicians throughout the country. After enduring rigorous stress testing, Tempus Labs was finally approved for a national release. Eric Lefkofsky approved of the release and the continued push toward making Tempus as accessible as possible underscores just how important the work is that is currently being done by Lefkofsky and his team of technical advisors.

The announcement and subsequent release of Tempus Labs comes on the heels of a serious round of investment success by Tempus as a whole. A recent round of Series E funding saw Tempus collect an additional $110 million to their already billion dollar plus valuation. The additional funding will be put toward growing and expanding the size and application of Tempus into newer fields such as therapeutic treatment of both neurological disorders and cardiovascular disease.

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