Goldenberg The Golden Boy

Adam Goldenberg is a lifelong entrepreneur who is legendary in the business community for his cutting edge and unique take on things. He stated recently that he considers several of his businesses to be “unicorns”, meaning they have been valuated at at least $1 billion. He stated that while some businesses beside his in the “unicorn” club may be overrated, the majority are not and they are ready to take on the “dinosaurs” of the retail clothing industry according to The businesses who focus exclusively on online purchases will thrive while the others will not be able to adapt quickly enough to capture a viable share of the market.

He claims he is not in competition with giants such as Amazon because they are an e-commerce brand while he is focusing on building an online fashion presence. According to Goldenberg, the reason for his latest success is the fact that he instituted a subscription model to entice customer loyalty. One of the biggest expenses that companies have is acquiring new customers or trying to re-acquire old customers on Goldenberg states that subscribers are 8 times more likely to purchase products than customers who are not part of a subscription program.

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Adam Goldenberg also is adamant that to compete in the online world, a company needs to have its own proprietary product. This will prevent customers from going elsewhere because your company will be the only one carrying the product, the profit is all yours for the taking.

With a leader as strong and as creative as Adam Goldenberg, any business he seeks to start or invest almost has no other way except to succeed. He has a proven track record and is fearless in his quest to succeed. It’s no wonder his competitors fear his presence like an “Adam Bomb.”

One Planet Business Awards Troy McQuagge with Gold

Troy McQuagge of USHEALTH Group has received the CEO of the Year Award for his role in the company. This accolade was given to McQuagge after being compared to other well known executives in the healthcare field in the United States and abroad.

Troy McQuagge was recruited by USHEALTH to help restructure the company to meet the changing demands of the healthcare market. He’s been with the company ever since.

The top-down restructuring began with USHEALTH Advisors, which handles distribution for the entire group. This proved to be a prudent change. Under his leadership USHEALTH Advisors grew financially, leaving McQuagge in the perfect position to assume the roles of President and CEO.

In the years since adopting this new structure of the company, McQuagge’s role in the USHEALTH Group has become more involved in order to compliment the increase in its size. This made it possible to develop new strategy to compete with other insurance companies and navigate disparate markets that were entering a state of perpetual change introduced by healthcare legislation and Tory of Twitter.

When he was notified of the win, McQuagge was, as one would expect, pleased with the honor. It’s known that One Planet Awards has a tradition of being quite judicious in its selection of those they choose to recognize. For McQuagge, however, it wasn’t an honor that he would accept for himself alone. He was quick to point out that the growth of USHEALTH Group is the result of the men and women who work in service of partners and customers who need assistance when it comes to navigating this new world of healthcare, and they deserve recognition as well and learn more about Troy.

About Troy McQuagge:

After graduating from the University of Central Florida, Troy McQuagge entered the health insurance industry by taking a position with Allstate Insurance back in 1983. With a developed understanding of how the health insurance industry works and how to succeed in it, he was recruited by the USHEALTH Group in an effort to restructure the company and increase profitability. After six years of working with USHEALTH Group, McQuagge took on more demanding roles and became CEO and President of USHEALTH Advisors and read full article.

Shedding Light on the Life and Career of Duda Melzer

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer or otherwise known as Duda Melzer is one of the top entrepreneurial minds in Brazil. He is a descendant of a well-renowned family, especially when it comes to business matters in Brazil. More precisely, Duda is a representative of the third generation of the Sirotsky family, as well as the grandson of Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, the founder of RBS Group. RBS Group is a media corporation that owns major entertainment and journalism brands situated in Southern Brazil.

According to, currently, Duda Melzer is the chairperson and president of the RBS Group. He took up this role after succeeding his uncle, Nelson Sirotsky, who was the former president and chairman of RBS Group. Furthermore, he is the brains behind the inception of e.Bricks Digital, a company that invests its resources in business development, especially in the digital sector.

Education Background

Duda graduated from the renowned Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul with a business administration degree. At the time of his graduation, Melzer was only 26 years old. Currently, at 44 years of age, Duda holds an MBA. He has also undertaken two executive courses at Harvard Business School during his time in the United States.

Working Experience

Duda Melzer did not simply assume his current leadership capacity at RBS Group. His career began in the United States before heading to Brazil to join the family business. As such, he worked for Delphi as a senior financial analyst before joining Boxtop Media, a non-traditional media company.

After moving back home, Duda Melzer joined RBS Group as the director general for the national market. He ascended the company’s leadership through various positions like the executive vice president, president and then president and chairman of RBS Group.


In 2015, Duda Melzer was selected to join the list of leaders of the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise. In the same year, he received the Entrepreneur of the Year (Ernst and Young) award.

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