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Matthew Autterson: A Hard-Working Michigan State University Graduate

Matthew Autterson is a sought after executive who also happens to be an alumnus of Michigan State University. He exited the public school decades ago after studying there. It gave him a B.A. (bachelor of arts) degree, too. Once he was done with his well-rounded education, he started working for a Fiserv sector that was…

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Matthew Autterson And His Quarter Of A Century Of Financial Leadership

Every financial executive and investor looks like a genius during a bull market. However, it is during a market correction or a recession where the pros are separated from the amateurs. For Matthew Autterson, thriving through all sort of market environments has been a hallmark of his success.   Mr. Autterson was educated at Michigan…

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News Watch TV Interview Recap

Nathalie Van Wijkvliet, who is the CMO of Avanca did an interview where she stated the deciding to work with NewsWatch was a great decision. Her company had previously worked with NewsWatch when they were launching a crowdfunding campaign for a window’s stamp. She felt that the media from NewsWatch was hugely responsible for why…

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